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Telephoning and Mobile Phones

Mobile Phones
Mobile telephones can be brought into Ireland. If you subscribe to GSM Services and have a roaming agreement  with the Irish network operator(s) you can operate your phone without making any changes. Pay-as-you-go mobile phone cards or sim cards can  be purchased in Killarney in the Vodafone, O2 and 3 shop.

For information on the major mobile phone operators in Ireland, please see links below

Dialling within Ireland:
If you are dialling a number within the same call area as you are in, you don't need to add the area code. So for example if you are ringing the Killarney School of English from somewhere in Killarney you need only ring  "6636630". However, if you are ringing from outside the Killarney area you should add the code "064" on the front. 

Dialling into Ireland:
If you are calling into Ireland from another country you should add the country code "00353" and omit the first zero in the area code. For example you would ring "00353 64 6636630" for Killarney School of English.

Dialling out of Ireland:

When making a call out of Ireland to another country, the international access code is "00" followed by the country code for the country you are calling, followed by the area code then phone number.

To access a list of International Area Phone Codes see link below

To access a company or persons phone number within Ireland please see links below