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A Night Out in Killarney

Make sure that you go out at least a few nights during your stay in Killarney! During the summer the town is full of people and the atmosphere at night is fantastic. Now I’m going to tell you more about the nightlife in Killarney.

It’s great if you come with family or friends because who wants to go from pub to pub alone? However, if you come to Killarney on your own don’t panic because you’ll quickly find other people to talk to and go out with. The people here are extremely friendly and outgoing. You’ll also find plenty of people in the pubs and clubs to practice your English and have a good time with.

In Killarney the nightlife doesn’t start before 11 o’ clock so you have lots of time to prepare yourself. Or if you’re ready early you could go to the cinema or eat in one of the town’s great restaurants before enjoying a good night out.

If you like to party I can highly recommend some good disco bars like ‘the Grand’, ‘McSorleys’ or ‘Mustangs’. A good way to have the best night ever is to start in the Grand. Be there before 11 0’ clock and you don’t have to pay. Get a stamp and go from pub to pub before coming back. The live music there is amazing.

If you’d prefer a quieter night and to sit down and listen to traditional Irish music why not go to ‘O’ Connors’ or ‘O’ Donoghues’ pubs on College Street or ‘the Danny Man’ on New Street. If you come with your children you can sit outside in the beer garden of ‘Scott’s Hotel’, chat and listen to live music until you are ready to go home.

Do you want a fun night which you’ll remember for the rest of your life. If so there’s no better place than Killarney!

Diana, Germany (March 2010)