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Killarney town

Killarney is the most popular town in Ireland for tourists. Did you know that it has been called ‘Heaven’s Reflection’? When you come here you will see why!

Killarney is a wonderful place to spend your time. During the day you can visit the National Park which is the most amazing place I have ever seen. You can travel on a boat, go trekking or just sit down and enjoy the incredible views.  When it comes to eating out you can choose among a wide variety of restaurants: Chinese, Indian, Italian, Thai, Japanese and of course Irish. But like in every country you can also find McDonalds, Burger King and similar take-away places. At night you can enjoy live music in pubs which are decorated in traditional Irish style. The thing I like most is how outgoing and friendly the people are. You can talk with whoever you want, so it is a perfect chance to practice your English out of school. I thoroughly recommend Killarney as a destination because it is an incredible place to spend your time and relax both during the day and at night. In my opinion it is the best place I could have ever chosen to come.

Silvia, Spain (March 2012)