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Living in Ireland

If you have this picture of Ireland in your head; green fields, sheep, colourful pubs and friendly people with a love and passion for music, then you are right. But Ireland and living in Ireland is much more than this! After I came to Killarney last November to spend a year on the green island, I noticed very quickly that I couldn’t find any sheep around me, that the weather is so much better than I’d expected (I once counted that I didn’t need an umbrella for almost two weeks!), that the pubs can sometimes be empty and that the people in towns can be in a big rush just like every city in the world.

 If you plan a visit or a longer stay in Ireland, you should try to discover the country without too many prejudices and be open to the people because they make the place. Personally, I think that you should try the food even if it’s different to the food you usually eat, enjoy the chat with the Irish on the street, in the supermarket or in the queue in the bank (even if you don’t understand half the conversation!) and open your eyes to all the small things which happen in everyday Irish life. To my mind I most enjoy the lifestyle of the Irish:  positive thinking, not taking everything so seriously, a good sense of humour and making the most of the beautiful landscape that is all around. Maybe you’ll prefer a different place if you visit Ireland. However, I think it would be extremely difficult to find a better place than Killarney!

Carina, Germany (March 2012)