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Combined English Course for Adults

Course Name Adult Combined Course (GE2A)
Age Requirement 18 +
Level Requirement None: 6 different levels available from Beginner to Advanced (A1-C1)
Course Length As required by the student
Content 15 hours General English (Group Class); 5 hours One-to-One
Timetable Classes available all year 9.45 am-1pm; 2-3pm Mon-Fri
Average Group Size Sept-June: 1-6 students (mornings) July-Aug: 6-10 students (mornings) July-Aug: 1-6 students (afternoons)
Price €500 per week

Course Description:

The Adult Combined Course is designed for those students that wish to take part in a group class covering the four major skill areas of speaking, listening, reading and writing but would also like to get individual help for specific areas of their language learning. One-to-one classes are a fantastic way to make very rapid improvement in a student’s level of English over a short period of time. These classes can even be tailor-made to suit the student’s needs which may include English for Law, Medicine, Hotel and Catering or Tourism (see One-to-One Courses). All students are tested before arrival to place them in the class that best suits their ability.    

Оплата также включает:

• Все учебные материалы; • Информационный пакет по прибытии; • Автобус до школы и обратно; • Wi-Fi и доступ в интернет • Cертификат о посещении и достижениях по окончании курса; • Бесплатный прокат велосипедов (в порядке очередности прибытия, количество ограничено)

Видео Ссылки:

Пожалуйста, посмотрите на плейлисте YouTube отзывы взрослых студентов, говорящих по-русски об обучении в Килларни.    

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