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English One-to-One Courses (Private Lessons just you and your teacher)


English One to One Course Description:

Private lessons are  particularly useful to anyone who wishes to make maximum progress in their English in minimum time. Adult English classes are held in the main school building opposite Killarney National Park.


What do we study?

Materials are hand-picked from a variety of different sources to ensure that the student’s needs are met at all times. These needs can range from simply wishing to improve spoken or written English to needing to learn English for Law, Hotel and Catering, Tourism or Medicine. Provided the school is informed well in advance, any specialism can be catered for and teachers are delighted to integrate any materials that the student wishes to bring from home.


Course Name One-to-One Course (OC)
Age Requirement 3+
Level Requirement None:  6 different levels available from Beginner to Advanced (A1-C2)
Course Length As required by the student
Content General English or Specific English
Timetable Classes available all year
2-5 pm Mon-Fri
Price €40 per hour  


Оплата также включает:

• Все учебные материалы;
• Информационный пакет по прибытии;
• Автобус до школы и обратно;
• Wi-Fi и доступ в интернет
• Cертификат о посещении и достижениях по окончании курса;
• Бесплатный прокат велосипедов (в порядке очередности прибытия, количество


Видео Ссылки:

Пожалуйста, посмотрите на плейлисте YouTube отзывы взрослых студентов, говорящих по-русски об обучении в Килларни.




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