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English References Teenagers and Children



Hi Feargal,


thank you very much for the impeccable management of Giovanni’s stay. The Cronin family was perfect and Laura in particular was really friendly with Giovanni.

He is hentusiastic of the experience!

Thanks again and keep in touch for the next summer.


Chiara e Giovanni 



Anaïs seems to be very happy with her family, her friends, the activities, … everything !

Thank you for having organized all that.


Best wishes,




Dear Feargal,

Both Costanze are really having a very nice time in Killarney. The love the place, the school and the family!!

The are very sad to came back… My Costanza would like to move to Ireland 🙂

Best wishes




Hi Feargal 


For us it’s a pleasure to send Mary with your School every summer, you are so professional and take a lot of care of students. 


Hope to send her again next summer 


Best regards





Hi Feargal / Nicola, 


Just want to let you know that Sofia had great time in Killarney for last 2 weeks. She is very happy with the school and activities and she also get on very well with Flemming family. Thank your for all, specially with the choice of homestay. 

Sofia told me that she want to returning to Killarney next year. Hopefully we speak again early next year. 


All the best, 


Szu Ying