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12 reasons to Study at Killarney School of English


  1. Location: Our school is located at Killarney National Park the largest oldest and most visited National Park in Ireland.
  2. Family school; We are not a big corporation. You will meet the owners of the school who are available for a chat at any time.
  3. Small classes. The maximum size of class for adults is 10, the average is 6. The maximum size of class for teenagers and children is 12. The average is 8.
  4. Killarney: Our school is located 2km from Killarney town one of the most visited towns in Ireland with large numbers of cafes, restaurants, pubs and shops.
  5. All the family: We offer classes and activities for children aged 3-12, teenagers and adults.
  6. Expert teachers. All our teachers have university degrees and the correct EFL qualifications.
  7. Wild Atlantic Way: Killarney is ideally located to explore the world famous Wild Atlantic Way with its world-famous beaches, cliffs and stunning scenery.
  8. Accommodation: As Killarney is such a popular location for visitors there is a wide supply of self-catering houses, cottages apartments and hotels.
  9. Activities: As we are located at Killarney National Park, many of our activities are outdoor activities which explore the national park.
  10. Host families: Killarney has a 275-year history of welcoming visitors. We have AMAZING host families that will do their best to welcome and help you.
  1. Safety: Being small & friendly, Killarney is an extremely safe place for the whole family. The children’ school is on the same premises as the adult school so parents can keep an eye on their children. While in school the children are supervised at all times.
  2. Jobs: If you are an ILEP (Work & Study) Student there are many job opportunities in the Tourism sector in Killarney,