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Shannon Airport to Killarney



You can take a bus from directly outside the airport to Killarney. There is one bus every hour at 08.50, 09.50 10.50 etc. until the last bus at 21.50. You need to change bus at Limerick City Centre (Colbert Station) and take the bus in the direction of Killarney. There is 1 bus every 2 hours at 08.35 10.35 12.35 etc. until the last bus is at 20.35. When you arrive at Killarney bus station we can collect you. The Journey takes about 2 hours.




We can send a taxi to collect you. There is a charge for the taxi.  If other student(s) are being collected by taxi from the same flight (which is often the case in high season) then the price of the taxi is shared by all the passengers. The price is €180.